Episode 093: Kamikazes and “The Ruins”

Too bad the name is a tad racist, because the drink sure is delicious. Join Kate and Josh to sample the citrusy wallop of the Kamikaze and learn the history of the shooter, every college kid’s first worst mistake. Then watch some fictional college kids make their last worst mistake in 2008’s “The Ruins.” Join us!

Episode 028: Bloody Mary, Bloody Shipwrecks and Bloody Italians

Spend a Bloody Mary morning in the studio as Josh and Kate sip some tomato juice and vodka while talking “Titanic” and “The Lego Movie.” Join us!

Movies: “Titanic” and “The Lego Movie
Recommendations: “The Borgias” and “How We Die.” Check out Sherwin Nuland’s obituary here.

Show Notes:
1. Mary Pickford and cat. They’re both dead now, but they were super cute!
2. Science or superstition? Next Halloween, we’ll have an answer for you.
3. Kate’s Irish accent is essentially based on this scene in Leprechaun 3.
4. Well, we can’t find jobs but we can afford to drink imported booze.
5. The final verdict on cilantro cocktails? Please, no.
6. Jessica Simpson’s GQ cover can be seen here.
7. Some of King Frenchie’s best scenes are here. Don’t let that fool you, there’s plenty more to see in the series.