Episode 116: Back to Basics – Brandy

We’re back, and our snifters are full of that most grape-y of base liquors, brandy. Josh learns how to test booze by exploding it, and Kate learns that Winston Churchill was getting free Turkish hooch long after he was dead. Join us!

Episode 109: Shrimp Cocktails

Our shallow dive into party food reaches its briny depths with this week’s discussion of the humble shrimp cocktail. Kate teaches us about Fanny Cradock and the Major. Josh ponders the theology of the Blue Oyster Cult. Join us!

Episode 105: Hangovers and Comfort Movies

Drink too much for some reason lately? Feeling down for some reason? Some reason we won’t mention? Need to take a mental health day and stay at home and watch comfort movies? For some reason? We got ya covered in this new world we’re all living in.

Episode 103: Refrigeration and “Moonrunners”

Kate and Josh endanger their immortal souls by praising the men who flouted God’s will by creating ice from mere water. Hear the harrowing tale of America’s first battle between Frankenwater and all-natural ice. Long about the time we finish, the Hagg boys are stirring up a whole mess of trouble in 1975’s “Moonrunners,” a dry run for “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Join us!