Episode 116: Back to Basics – Brandy

We’re back, and our snifters are full of that most grape-y of base liquors, brandy. Josh learns how to test booze by exploding it, and Kate learns that Winston Churchill was getting free Turkish hooch long after he was dead. Join us!

Episode 091: “Professor” Thomas and “The Haunted Mansion”

In the first installment of her history of cocktail luminaries, Kate digs into the life of imbibing’s Johnny Appleseed. Then we watch “The Haunted Mansion,” a movie that disappoints despite starring show favorites Eddie Murphy and Terence Stamp. How is this possible? Join us!

Episode 009: Tom Collins, Gary Collins, Colin Hanks and Muppet Babies

Who is Tom Collins and why’s he talking smack about Kate and Josh? What’s with Reagan? Are Uncle Pennybags and Colonel Mustard relics of a bygone era for which only Kate is nostalgic? The questions flow like wine, and the gin flows like questions! Join us, won’t you?