Episode 116: Back to Basics – Brandy

We’re back, and our snifters are full of that most grape-y of base liquors, brandy. Josh learns how to test booze by exploding it, and Kate learns that Winston Churchill was getting free Turkish hooch long after he was dead. Join us!

Episode 076: Sazerac Cocktails and “Freeway”

Enjoy the strangely time-looped history of the Sazerac Cocktail and stick around for our dive into Reese Witherspoon’s back catalog with 1996’s “Freeway.” Join us!

Episode 021: Champagne Cocktails, Hypnomancy and Terence Stamp

We’re gonna have us a champagne jam! Kate and Josh enjoy the marriage of the finest sparkling wine in the world with brandy and sugar. A letter to the editor from a real person! Plus, Papa Troll, fascism and yet more discussion of L.L. Cool J. Oh, and we unmask Michael Caine’s horrible racist agenda. Join us!

Screen Time: “Death Wish 3” and “Charlie’s Angels

Recommendations: “Half in the Bag” and “Fresh

Show Notes:
1. Never come between Charles Bronson and his ice cream.