Episode 098: Liquor Laws (Part 1) and “Wolfen”

In the first of a three-part look at the history of liquor laws in America, Kate talks about the run-up to Prohibition and about the reform movements of the 19th century. Then, Albert Finney fights giant wolves in the South Bronx with Gregory Hines in “Wolfen” from 1981. Join us!

Episode 097: Wine Coolers and “Terminator Genisys”

This is where the fun starts! Add wine to sugar and bubbles and put on a pastel linen jacket, because Kate has wine coolers and we’re watching “Terminator Genisys.” And we thank you for your support.

Episode 096: Boulevardier and “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”

Like Kraft French Dressing and naming your daughter Angelique, the Boulevardier is more trashy and American than it is classy or Gallic. Join us!