Episode 090: Mead and “Dreamcatcher”

Shit weasels! Join us!

Also, an unsolicited plug for the local meadery that changed Josh’s tune on honey booze:


Episode 089: Sloe Gin Fizz and “The Uninvited”

Everyone’s invited to Kate’s sloe gin party! It’s fizzy fun and has Elizabeth Banks manhandling a roast in “The Uninvited,” an American K-horror remake from 2009. Join us, won’t you?

Episode 088: Income Taxes and “Gallowwalkers”

Why spend that refund on a map to Skull Mountain when we’ve found it already! Join Kate and Josh as we sip the Income Tax, a cocktail that’s almost a Bronx but different enough to avoid an audit. Then we slip back to the tax-dodging days of Wesley Snipes with the zombie western “Gallowwalkers.” Join us!

Episode 087: Shakers and “Superstition”

Ever drunk a martini from the remains of the Hindenburg? Ever seen someone get hemi-defenestrated? Join Kate and Josh as they talk about the history of cocktail shakers and watch “Superstition,” a movie about a creepy witch ghost who microwaves people to death. Join us!