Episode 086: Syllabub and “The Forger”

A nonsense word? Nonsense! The syllabub is a delicious wine, sugar and cream cocktail that sets the stage for Kate and Josh’s deep dive into 2014’s “The Forger,” starring John Travolta and Christopher Plummer. Join us!

Episode 085: Shirley Temple, Roy Rogers and “Blackhat”

No liquor needed! Kate and Josh explore mock cocktails and initiate a discussion about BBC detective shows before talking about “Blackhat,” Michael Mann’s hacker thriller from 2015. Join us!

Episode 084: Green Beer and “Ricochet”

Prepare to hear the worst Irish accents ever as Kate and Josh talk about the history of adding green coloring to beer and watch the bizarre and implausible “Ricochet,” starring Denzel Washington, John Lithgow and Ice-T.

Episode 083: Micheladas and “Pathfinder”

This week, we enjoy beer, tomato juice and just a pinch of Old Norse. The spicy beer goodness of the Michelada leads Kate and Josh into the 2007 Karl Urban Vikings-vs.-native-Americans epic “Pathfinder.” Join us!

Episode 082: Black Velvet and “Godsend”

Black velvet? Yes, please! Join us as Kate explores the not-so-secret society responsible for the creation of this black and tan drink that isn’t a Black & Tan. Once you’ve got your drink in hand, sit back and enjoy “Godsend,” starring a barely interested Robert de Niro, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Greg Kinnear.