Episode 081: Sangarees and “An American Haunting”

Should ghosts only haunt species higher than themselves on the food chain? Should Donald Sutherland learn that a spit-shake deal is not binding in a court of law? Can plaid and stripes ever get along? These questions and more hover in the air as we drink the port-and-nutmeg flavor of the Sangaree and watch “An American Haunting.”

Episode 080: Stone Fences and “Under Suspicion”

Come taste the bitter colonial sass of the Stone Fence, Ethan Allen’s signature drink, before venturing south to Puerto Rico and the generically titled thriller “Under Suspicion,” starring Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman. No need for a statement from your web browsing provider, either! Just join us!

Episode 079: Porto Flips and “Vertical Limit”

Neither a hairstyle nor a wrestling maneuver, the Porto Flip melds the sweet-tart joy of port wine with the syrupy goodness of sugar and eggs. Down a couple of these and you can climb K2 like Chris O’Donnell and Robin Tunney in “Vertical Limit,” from 2000. Join us!

Episode 078: Death in the Gulfstream and “Devil’s Due”

Would Satan make the best moonshine? Did Papa Hemingway invent a ketchup-based cocktail? Who is the hottest movie Satan? Your answers to these questions and so much more this week as Kate and Josh enjoy Death in the Gulfstream and watch “Devil’s Due” from 2014. Join us!