Episode 075: Holiday Special and Trivial Pursuit (1981)

Celebrate the new year and our 75th episode with a game of the Boomer-friendly 1981 edition of Trivial Pursuit! Kate rewrites Night Ranger, Josh mixes up his First Ladies, and eggnog is enjoyed by all. Join us!

Episode 074: El Presidente and “Kiss the Girls”

This week, we play hide the vermouth with the help of some rum and Curacao, the tart-sweet El Presidente inspires Josh to new levels of terrible impressions, and Kate walks us through the cheaty mysteries of 1997’s “Kiss the Girls.” Join us!

Episode 073: Manteo Sunrise and “Double Jeopardy”

Can a hastily improvised mixture of syrupy malted drinks ease the confusion of 1999’s “Double Jeopardy,” a movie whose central premise rests on a misreading of our constitutional rights? Only Kate and Josh know for sure!