Episode 072: Gibsons and “Run All Night”

Kate discovers her inner Gibson girl as we slurp the cocktail that is definitely, indubitably NOT just a martini with a pearl onion as garnish. Then Liam Neeson has a particular set of skills, but alas, none of them is able to make “Run All Night” very fun. Join us!

Episode 071: Twelve-Mile Limit and “Hercules”

No silly Prohibition-era laws can stop Kate! She serves up a shaker of the law-skirting Twelve-Mile Limit while she and Josh settle down for a date with The Rock and “Hercules.” Join us!

Episode 070: Rusty Nails and “The Pyramid”

A drink so delicious it had to be named after a disease vector meets a shape so mysterious nobody knows how many sides it has. Josh and Kate drink Rusty Nails and watch 2014’s “The Pyramid.”

Take it from the World Health Organization. Flu vaccines work.

Return to the theater of the mind and Josh’s childhood by playing “Infidel,” the Infocom text adventure Josh would rather have been playing than watching “The Pyramid.”