Episode 047: Grasshoppers and “Grease 2,” or: The Mintiest Luau of All

Join Kate and Josh as they sample the grasshopper — a mint-chocolate booze-shake — and watch “Grease 2,” the only movie that dares to let Tab Hunter teach teenagers about reproduction.

Movie: “Grease 2
Recommendations: “The Real Blonde,” “Moonlighting,” “Hotel Hell,” and this picture.

Show Notes:
1. Learn more about chicory and its unholy relationship with coffee here.
2. Somehow, Kate neglected to mention the horrific cover of that issue of Entertainment Weekly. Get some Grade A, Kevin Spacey induced nightmare fuel here.
3. Nope, nothing suspicious about this look at all.
4. Striking out with the ladies? Try the “Grease 2” approach!
5. Inside the strange sexual politics of the Grease universe, or: Women be different than men, am I right?!?
6. Ever wondered what would happen if the Leprechaun met Elvis? Wonder no longer!

Episode 046: Shandy and the Infinite Footbridge

You should put lemonade in your beer. No, seriously. Go do it now — while we wait. Meanwhile, enjoy the nadir of the 1970’s disaster genre, “When Time Ran Out,” starring Paul Newman, William Holden, Veronica Hamel, Jacqueline Bisset and noted cock-fighting enthusiasts Pat Morita and Alex Karras. Join us!

Episode 045: French 75, Convoys and Africanized Blees

We’re back! In this episode recorded before the flu laid Kate and Josh low for a bit, we sample the champagne and gin quaintness of the artillery-like French 75, before watching one of Michael Caine’s most embarrassing moments, “The Swarm.” Join us!