Episode 044: Godfathers, Crankypants and Mitzi

A movie finally broke Josh. Congratulations, “Beyond the Poseidon Adventure.” Not even the sweet-tart bonhomie of the amaretto-laden Godfather can save him from the tedium of watching 10 people jump over a hole. Join us!

Episode 043: Boilermakers, Alternative Physics and Emmanuelle

The boilermaker is like “Chopsticks” but for cocktails – easy enough for anyone to pretend they know what they’re doing. And if you’ve ever wanted to see a movie where Emmanuelle tells Charo she can’t play with her chihuahua, wait no longer, because “The Concorde … Airport ’79” is our movie this week. Join us.

Episode 042: Cosmopolitans, Secret Sauces and The Eye of Sauron

The Cosmopolitan looks like what would happen if a fellow cut humself shaving while drinking a delicious martini. Its sweet-tart sensibility leads Kate and Josh to a discussion of “8mm,” the 1999 Nicolas Cage and Joel Schumacher movie that feels like an SVU episode in a world with no Internet to blame. Join us!