Episode 041: Screwdrivers, Ghost Cars and Belle Starr

It’s so simple: Orange juice and vodka! But for many of us, it was our first taste of a real-live adult cocktail. Join Kate and Josh as they sip this simplest of drinks before moving on to a discussion of the 1977 haunted vehicle thriller “The Car,” starring a hirsute James Brolin.

Episode 040: Fuzzy Navels, Anniversaries and Mind-Altering Protozoa

It’s our first anniversary show, and to celebrate, Kate mixes up a batch of the sickly sweet Fuzzy Navel. Bette Davis vamps her way through a movie that has as much indifference toward her as she apparently does toward it. Plus, Josh and Kate debut a new ratings system. Join us!

Movie: “Burnt Offerings

Show Notes:
1. Only you can prevent the spread of rabies and toxoplasmosis.
2. World Rabies Day is September 28th! The more you know!
3. More proof your cat is trying to kill you.
4. The New York Times article about cocktails can be read here.
5. Experience what Kate was trying to do with her Fred Gwynne impression.
6. You too can live in Eddie Murphy’s Shrek Palace.
7. Watch Burnt Offerings on YouTube!

8. We recommended “Delirious” to adults with a patience for less-than-progressive but brilliant humor. It’s on Netflix here.


Episode 039: Wine Spritzers, Shandy Inspectors and Job Fairs

A vivacious and brisk wine spritzer whisks Kate and Josh into a discussion of one of the worst movies they’ve done for the show, “Stephen King’s Sleepwalkers.” Plus, a passive aggressive career adviser has his say. Join us!