Episode 020: Manhattan Redux, Rotten Tomatoes and Man-Sized Ice Cream

For our twentieth show, we revisit the drink we botched in Episode 1: the Manhattan! Meanwhile, we posit that ice cream marketers are up to something big. Very, very big. Impressively huge, really. Then Josh goes full Andy Rooney to complain about these kids today and their movie-ranking websites. Join us!

Screen Time: “Vampires” and “Deal of the Century
Recommendations: “The Possession” and “Burn After Reading

Show Notes:
1. Kate can’t do justice when it comes to describing toys. Check out Suspend in action here.
2. Not familiar with Elf on the Shelf? Get ready to see it in your nightmares forever more.
3. Yes, it’s based on a true story. More about the REAL dibbuk box here.

Episode 019: Gin and Tonic, Goldie and Shorty, Morrissey and Marr

This week, we sample the zesty and malaria-busting power of perfidious Albion’s signature quaff, the gin and tonic, then swoon over Goldie Hawn and vow vengeance on dream Morrissey. Join us!

Screen Time: “Private Benjamin” and “Get Shorty
Recommendations: “Hello, Ladies” and “Enlightened

Show Notes:
1. Read up on the Gin and Tonic’s flirtation with the British Empire here.
2. Grab a Gin and Tonic and take a journey to Josh’s old haunts here.
3. The struggle is real. Read up on the eternal battle between Duke’s and Hellmann’s.
4. Where does the sweet tea divide begin? Read some theories here.

Episode 018: Kir, Cornell and Scary Hillbillies

The sweet currant taste of the kir and kir royale take Kate and Josh into a land of brutal Jamaican druglords only Steven Seagal can foil. Plus, Kate doesn’t like Martin Scorsese. Yeah, I can’t explain it either. Then Craigslist, because apparently that’s where new religions start these days.

Screen Time: “Marked for Death” and “The Departed”
Recommendations: “Hatchet” and “Deliverance”