Episode 017: Jack Rose, Denzel and Mr. Gower

The needlessly forgotten and ripe-for-revival Jack Rose is our liquid comrade this week. Kate explains how the once beloved American spirit known as applejack fell into obscurity, and we endeavor to rescue it by drinking a fair amount of it before moving on to Denzel Washington’s movie career, the strange charm of only half of “Crocodile Dundee” and whether or not Josh’s father actually cares about his carbon footprint. Join us!

Screen Time: “Crocodile Dundee” and “Training Day

Show Notes:
1. Journey into the wilds of Washington D.C. as two journalists attempt to track down the Jack Rose.
2. Experience Kate’s personal hell by clicking through to Paw Patrol.

Episode 016: Old Fashioneds, Hand Jive and the Diva Cup

The sweet yet virile taste of the Old Fashioned is our companion this week, as Josh and Kate delve into the “Breaking Bad” finale, discuss why “Survivor” contestants refuse to learn to swim, and how the Diva Cup is a marketing sensation for which Josh deserves credit. Then Kate recommends a movie that the late Roger Ebert called “an immoral and reprehensible piece of trash.” Join us!

Screen Time: “Malice” and “Grease
Recommendations: “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter” and “A Chef’s Life

Show Notes:
1) Kate’s cocktail bible can be purchased here.
2) Embury’s classic guide to cocktails can be found here.
3) Curious about the physics of the Diva Cup? Look no further!

Episode 015 1/2: Margaritas and Kardashians

It’s a lost episode from the archives! Travel with us in time back to the heady days of early September, when the government was open and Walter White was alive! In this abbreviated half show, Kate and Josh talk musicals, Kardashians and Jimmy Buffett while sipping on refreshing margaritas. Join us!

Screen time: None

Recommendations: None

Show Notes:

1) Pat Robertson’s take on AIDS rings.
2) The official Jenny McCarthy body count can be found here.
3) The Portuguese man o’ war is NOT a jellyfish.
4) This is not a song you want a 10 year old duetting with Johnny Depp.

Episode 015: Malt Liquor, A Better Matrix and John Wayne

Economy is the mother of invention! This week, Kate and Josh sample and discuss that most maligned of beverages, the malt liquor. Join us!

Screen Time: “The Shootist”¬†and “Dead Again
Recommendations: Candy corn and “Jordan, Jesse Go”

Show Notes:

Check out LL Cool J’s ode to self esteem here!

Veteran broadcaster Bill McNeal endorses the upstate prison flavor of Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor — DAMN!.