Episode 014: Piña Coladas, Testes and Cryptkeepers

Damn the torpedoes, and damn Rupert Holmes! Kate and Josh set sail on a coconutty adventure into the world of the piña colada! Are balls sexy? Why didn’t James Spader ever get to be Batman? What should you do if your friend’s viscera are suddenly on the outside? Join us, won’t you?

Screen Time: “The Longest Yard” and “Uncle Buck”

Recommendations: “Y: The Last Man” and “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”

Episode 013: Russians, Phil Collins and “The Help”

The Russians are coming! White, black and every shade in between, the Russian drinks are on the menu. After drinks, Kate and Josh talk about what a Creedence Clearwater Revival fan looks like, whether golfers are slobs or snobs, and whether or not Phil Collins actually knows what country music sounds like.

Screen Time: “The Help,” “Tin Cup”
Recommendations: “Hell on Wheels,” “Chop Shop”

Episode 012: Dark N’ Stormy, Skyler White and the Flux Capacitor

Ginger beer and rum? Yes, please! Kate and Josh set sail with a new grog, but not before passing judgment on Walter White, parental texting and Judd Apatow’s place in 1980’s cinema. Join us!

Screen time movies: “The Cell” and “Back to the Future”