Episode 008: Mimosas, The Simpsons, and Liam Neeson’s Bathingsuit Area

Kate and Josh won’t let a little thing like their state’s blue laws stop the fun! Join us for mimosas and a brisk discussion of why Ugg boots haven’t died yet, if The Simpsons has anything left to complain about, and whether Milton Berle or Liam Neeson were better able to satisfy Janice Dickinson! Also, there is some talk of Rumplestiltskin.

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A bit more info on the Simpsons/Futurama crossover.
A Jezebel survey of history’s largest man-junk.
Rasputin’s (alleged) tap-and-die kit.
Janice Dickinson’s autobiography contains her thoughts on mineral water containers.
Your government tracks the most popular baby names by year. Creepy or cool?
Kate’s recommendation: Orange is the New Black
Josh’s recommendation: Training Rules

Episode 007: Cuba Libre, Paul Lynde and Hogwarts

It’s not just a Rum and Coke — it’s an adventure! After mixing up the Cuba Libres, Kate explains her weird crush on Henry VII, Josh complains that Gordon Ramsay isn’t as fair as “The Amazing Race,” and we both criticize authors who have done far more to entertain the world than we ever have. Join us!

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Episode 006: California Dreams, “The Vampire Diaries” and Aspartame

In an effort to clean out the surplus vermouth, Kate proposes a cocktail, the California Dream, that relies heavily on both sweet and dry vermouth. It doesn’t work. We shake it off and move on to the chatting! Josh explains that reading gets harder as you age, self-reliance is overrated, and that it’s hard to tell the difference between hippies and the differently abled. Kate retorts that chicken are assholes, diet soda is cloying, and that water is essential to life. Join us!



As promised, Charles Dance reading “50 Shades of Grey.”

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Episode 005: Sidecars, Orson Welles and Kidz Bop

In this week’s episode, Kate explains Kidz Bop to Josh, Josh explains Orson Welles to Kate, and they both puzzle over Macklemore’s resemblance to Biff Tannen and how Josh misses “Free To Be … You and Me.” Join us!


Watch twenty minutes of Orson Welles’ unfinished film, “The Other Side of the Wind,” here.

Apparently F. Scott Fitzgerald didn’t actually say the thing  Josh misattributed to Lionel Trilling in this episode.

Read a spirited defense of fanboy culture, contra Josh.

Case closed.

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Episode 004: Sea Breezes, Yacht Rock and Ramsay Bolton

This week, the sweet taste of the Sea Breeze meets the salty flavor of Kate and Josh! This week, we explore how “Mad Men” is like cheesecake, why Prince needs to let us have his shrimp recipe, and how it’s not always bad when your mother sends you adult entertainment. Plus listener comments!


Kate’s Hannibal reviews are located here.